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Have You Heard of TSMC?

We’ve had a hand in most of the technologies that you tap in everyday life — like your mobile phone or the cloud services that power your favorite apps.

We are the largest independent manufacturer of semiconductors in the world.

We got there by thinking small, allowing for more transistors on a single chip >>

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The Arizona Sun Shines on TSMC

One way to strengthen our supply chain is to shorten the distance between our manufacturing capabilities and our customers.

That’s what has led us to establish a new a manufacturing facility in the U.S.

But there’s more to the story. >>

Sustainability and Chip Making

We care about the planet.

Long before it was trendy, we were investing in green manufacturing and pioneering new ways to advance sustainability. This is part of the career path for our engineers.

It’s the right thing to do. It’s also essential for our own long-term health as a company. >>

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Shaping Your “Engineering Experience” at TSMC

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Setting You Up for Success

Life after graduation is no small adjustment.

A new job, new responsibilities and perhaps even a new location can be a lot to manage.

Not to mention the impact from the pandemic.

We’ve got a plan for easing the transition to the start of your career. >>

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TSMC in the Media

Journalists increasingly recognize the importance of the semiconductor industry.

As they cover the companies that drive the industry, TSMC garners a fair amount of attention.

Feel free to try a few Google searches. Or you can check out a cross section of passages and quotes that we’ve curated for the occasion. >>

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