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Have You Heard of TSMC?

It’s quite possible that you haven’t.

Or maybe you have, but you’re not exactly sure what we do.

We’ve had a hand in most of the technologies you encounter in everyday life, from your mobile phone to the cloud services that power your favourite applications. >>

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Our Technology

It’s not only what we do, but how we do it, that has resulted in TSMC leading the foundry industry. >>


The Arizona Sun Shines on TSMC

One way to strengthen our supply chain is to shorten the distance between our manufacturing capabilities and our customers.

That’s what has led us to establish a new a manufacturing facility in the U.S.

But there’s more to the story. >>

About our Japan Fab

TSMC has long been a partner to Japan’s semiconductor innovators. We opened our Japan subsidiary office in 1997, Japan Design Center in 2019, Japan 3D IC R&D Center in 2021, and in 2024 will open our first fab in the country, Japan Advanced Semiconductor Manufacturing (JASM). JASM is TSMC’s majority-owned manufacturing subsidiary in Kumamoto Prefecture with minority stakes from Sony Semiconductor Solutions and DENSO. >>

Sustainability and Chip Making

We care about the planet.

Long before it was trendy, we were investing in green manufacturing and pioneering new ways to advance sustainability. This is part of the career path for our engineers.

It’s the right thing to do. It’s also essential for our own long-term health as a company. >>

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Shaping Your “Engineering Experience” at TSMC

Setting You Up for Success

Life after graduation is no small adjustment.

A new job, new responsibilities and perhaps even a new location can be a lot to manage.

Not to mention the impact from the pandemic.

We’ve got a plan for easing the transition to the start of your career. >>

TSMC in the Media

Journalists increasingly recognize the importance of the semiconductor industry.

As they cover the companies that drive the industry, TSMC garners a fair amount of attention.

Feel free to try a few Google searches. Or you can check out a cross section of passages and quotes that we’ve curated for the occasion. >>

Helping You Succeed!

Life after graduation can be daunting. A new job, responsibilities and environment can be a lot to manage, especially under the conditions of the pandemic. We are here to help make the transition smooth and rewarding. >>

Engineering Jobs in Japan.


Joining TSMC in Japan, you’ll have the opportunity to build our Kumamoto operation from the ground up, as well as pushing the frontiers of the global semiconductor industry at the Japan Design Center and 3DIC R&D Center.

As we grow, you’ll find plenty of opportunities for career advancement.

Explore our openings for engineers, which include the following:


Job TitleOn-board Time
Assistant Engineer2023 Q1
Equipment Engineer2023 Q2
Industrial Safety & Environmental Protection Engineer2022 Q4
Process Integration Engineer2022 Q4 / 2023 Q2
Process Engineer2022 Q4 / 2023 Q2

Quality & Reliability

Job TitleOn-board Time
Infra & Network Engineer2022 Q3

Information & Technology

Job TitleOn-board Time
Chemical Analysis Engineer2022 Q4
Product DevOps Engineer2022 Q3-Q4


Job TitleOn-board Time
Environment Safety & Health Engineer2022 Q4

The Application Process

You can expect the process below from start to finish to take roughly ten weeks.

If your education and experience are a match for one of the roles at the TSMC/JASM, we’ll contact you as soon as possible.


We know this is a big decision and you might have questions outside of the interviews. We’ll provide you with a point of contact who you can approach with any queries throughout the process.

Apply Now!

You’ll be part of building our Arizona operation from the ground up.

As we grow, you’ll find plenty of opportunities for career advancement.

Explore our entry-level openings for engineers which include the following:

Process Integration Engineer

Yield Enhancement Engineer

Module Process Engineer

Module Equipment Engineer

Equipment Technician

Manufacturing Supervisor

Facility Electrical Engineer

Facility Instrumentation and Control Engineer

Facility Mechanical Engineer 

Facility Process Gas and Chemical Engineer

Facility UPW and Water Process Engineer

CIM/ECIM – CIM Engineer 

PIDS – WAT (Wafer Acceptance Test) Engineer

PIDS – NTO (New Tapeout) Engineer

BR – Basic Record Engineer

AQE – Quality Management Engineer

APC – APC Engineer

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The Process After You Hit the Send Button

After submitting your resume, here’s what happens. >>