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taiwan semiconductor manufacturing company

Deeper Look at TSMC

We don’t sell products or services to the general public.

Instead, our fabrication plants — or what the industry refers to as “fabs” — manufacture the chips that make those products and services possible.

We actually invented the semiconductor foundry business.

Back in 1987, Dr. Morris Chang, our founder, recognized that the increasing capital investment needed to build fabs would stifle innovation. If a company could bring its chips to market without being saddled by the massive cost of a fab, reasoned Morris, the semiconductor industry would flourish.

History has proved him right.

Fast forward to today —

We’re part of the Global 500 with over $47 billion in revenue.

And the semiconductor industry is absolutely flourishing. Even companies like Apple, Facebook and Amazon that you don’t think of as semiconductor companies now design their own chips. Many of these types of companies as well as fabless semiconductor players depend on TSMC and our engineers to make their chips.

As Daniel Nenni, founder of SemiWiki, explained to Fortune Magazine: “Suddenly entrepreneurs didn’t need billions of dollars to open their own foundries, they could use TSMC.”

Of course, it’s not only what we do but how we do it that has resulted in TMSC leading the foundry industry with well over 50% market share. The more advanced a company’s chip, the more likely they depend on us. We like the hard stuff.

This isn’t the right forum to dive into the technical details. Suffice to say, our fabs run on the atomic level with literally hundreds of process steps.

As you can imagine, such an operation calls for engineers who find inspiration in precision.

That’s where you come in.

We’re looking to hire engineering grads for our new fab in Phoenix, Arizona. In taking a job with TSMC, you’ll be making history in launching the most advanced chip-making facility in the U.S.