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Advancing Japan’s Semiconductor Business from Kumamoto

Located in Kumamoto Prefecture, Kyushu, the facility will initially manufacture 12/16nm and 22/28nm chips, addressing strong market demand both in Japan and globally. We expect to maintain a monthly production capacity of 55,000 12-inch wafers.

Setting up a presence in Kumamoto will bring us closer to our Japanese customers, and address growing global chip demand. We are honored to have the opportunity to help support some of Japan’s most prominent companies and industries, from automotive to consumer electronics.

This exciting move is the latest chapter in our commitment to Japan’s semiconductor ecosystem in addition to the Japan Design Center and 3DIC R&D Center.

Why base our new fab in Kumamoto, you may wonder?

Kumamoto has a rich technology heritage as the capital of Kyushu. The region predates Silicon Valley as the world’s global semiconductor hub, a position that lasted until the 1990s.

Kyushu is currently home to more than one third of Japanese semiconductor companies, as well as many automotive parts makers. In meeting the global semiconductor demand, we will also be contributing to Kyushu’s and Japan’s advancement as a world-leading semiconductor producer.

Living In Kumamoto

Kumamoto is an enticing blend of past and present. As a city with one of Japan’s three major castles and the one-time home of the great novelist Natsume Soseki, it has a rich cultural history but is also a technological centre.

Located on Japan’s southernmost main island, Kumamoto is a short (1.5-hour) flight from Tokyo. A compact area with a population of around 740,000, it combines urban culture and convenience with history and natural beauty. Its flat topography makes it bicycle-friendly, while the Aso-Kujyu and Unzen Amakusa national parks and numerous hot springs are within easy reach by car.

The shinkansen makes it easy to get to major cities such as Kagoshima and Fukuoka (both trips are around 50 minutes), while Kyoto is 3.5 hours away. A new airport is under construction, while Fukuoka is also home to one of Japan’s best airports, putting East Asia on the doorstep.

TSMC is not the only company moving to Kumamoto. Kikuchi, the area where the fab will be located, is also home to Sony, Honda Motorcycle and Fujifilm, as well as numerous IT companies. As new offices and factories spring up, so are new living environments.

Simply put, Kumamoto has always been a great place to live, but now is perhaps the best time to move to this city which is well-positioned to be the future hub for the tech industry.

Relocation Support

For eligible employees, we provide domestic relocation package including moving cost, one-way ticket from current residency to Kumamoto, and front-end cost.