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Supporting Your Career Growth

We’re hiring our first class of engineering grads for the Arizona fab. As part of launching our Arizona fab, you’re going to build an informal network with colleagues going through the same experience that you are and with similar career paths.

Of course, TSMC provides the formal support.

This starts with a 12- to 18-month training program in Taiwan. You were probably wondering how you would learn your role in a fab that is under construction. The answer lies in bringing you to the city of Tainan, Taiwan, home to our current 5nm chip facility.

tsmc arizona fab
tsmc arizona fab

This way, you’ll be learning the same processes and equipment behind manufacturing 5nm chips that will run the Arizona fab. The training and all communications will take place in English. While the core objective is to bring you up the technical curve, it’s also an amazing opportunity to soak up a new culture and bond with your colleagues.

We should add that TSMC will handle your housing during the training program in Taiwan. If you’re interested in buying a place in Phoenix — super affordable — the money saved gives you the makings of a down payment.

And when you’re ready to head to Arizona for the next phase in your career, again TSMC is there to support you. Whether it’s navigating housing options or explaining the Arizona phenomenon called Eegees (famous for frozen fruit flavored drinks), we’re there to ensure a soft landing.