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Starting Off On The Right Foot

We’re hiring our first class of engineering graduates for the Kumamoto fab.

As part of our Kumamoto launch, you will build a network of Japanese and international colleagues going through the same experience as you and with similar career paths.

Of course, TSMC provides the formal support.

This starts with a 6- to 9-month training program in Taiwan (exact duration of training will depend on your position). While the fab is under construction, you will learn more about your role in Taichung City.

In this way, you will use the same processes and equipment that will run the Kumamoto fab. The training and all communications will take place in Japanese. While the main aim will be to help you gain the skills you need to be successful in your new career, it is also an amazing opportunity to experience a new culture and make potentially lifelong friends and connections. TSMC will cover all housing costs during the training program. We will also be there to ensure that your move to Kumamoto is easy and you have all the support you need.


Competitive compensation

Compensation includes base salary, summer bonus, winter bonus, annual bonus, commuting allowance, pension plan, house rental coverage and relocation benefits.

Paid leave

Up to 10 paid leave days in the first year depending on the month of joining the company, up to 20 paid leave days depending on the number of service years.

Pension plan

Pension plan includes defined contribution and retirement allowance.

Other career development opportunities include:


1. E-Learning
Online Classes to learn more about TSMC Values, Organization and Operations, Policies and Regulations


2. Language & Culture Learning
Language courses at all levels and cross-culture communication course to enhance employees communication skills


3. Skill Transfer Program
6- to 9-month engineer trainee program in Taiwan with housing taken care of by the company


4. On Job Training
Every employee has to complete the on-job training for around 2-3 months. The training content will based on your job descriptions