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We Appreciate the Positive Words

Journalists have a history of being a tough audience, probing and digging to educate their readerships.

Which makes these passages and quotes all the more gratifying.

The Burn-In (Nov. 12, 2020)

“TSMC’s Arizona 5nm factory is one of its most important long-term projects … One of the reasons TSMC became the world’s largest contract manufacturer is its best-in-class manufacturing capability. The firm’s fabrication technology and production capacity are an unmatched market advantage.”

All About Circuits (Dec. 17, 2020) Quote from IEEE President Toshio Fukuda

“TSMC’s achievements in both developing 7nm technology, and enabling the innovations of IC designers everywhere, have placed it among a select group of organizations that have made lasting contributions to the field of engineering, and
to the world.”

 Time/Bloomberg (May 15, 2020)

“As the world’s largest and most advanced maker of chips for other companies, TSMC plays a crucial role in the production of devices from smartphones and laptops to servers running the internet.”

— ExtremeTech (Dec. 14, 2020)

“TSMC proved that a pure-play foundry dedicated to building silicon for various customers could be tremendously successful. As the cost of building new foundries has risen, the number of companies that could afford to spend the staggering amounts of money required to compete on the leading edge has shrunk. Right now, TSMC is competing with itself on the 5nm node.”

— Forbes (July 27, 2020) Quote from Helen Clarkson, CEO of The Climate Group

“We needed a hero company to lead by example in the semiconductor industry and by setting a 100% goal and calling on others to follow. TSMC is doing just that.”

— TechRadar (Aug. 31, 2020)

“Having landed orders from the world’s leading chip designers, TSMC must introduce new process technologies every year to enable improvements of its clients’ processors on an annual cadence. This is exactly what TSMC promises with its leading-edge technologies in the next three or four years.”

For those interested in historical context …

— The Economist (July 27, 2013)

“When he founded TSMC in 1987, Morris Chang recalls, ‘Nobody thought we were going anywhere.’ Back then the rule was that semiconductor companies both designed and made chips. TSMC was the first pure ‘foundry’, making chips for designers with no factories, or ‘fabs’, of their own. The doubts of others suited TSMC nicely.”