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A Deeper Look at TSMC

We are the world’s first dedicated semiconductor foundry. We don’t sell products or services to the general public. We make the chips that make those products and services possible. Or to put it another way: when the world’s business leaders dream up the biggest advances in technology, they come to us to turn those dreams into reality.

We invented the semiconductor foundry business.

Back in 1987, our founder, Dr Morris Chang, saw that the increasing capital investment needed to build fabrication plants (fabs) would stifle innovation. He reasoned that dividing the responsibility for designing and selling chips, and the responsibility for manufacturing those chips between two companies would allow both those companies and the semiconductor industry to flourish.

He was right. Today, TSMC is part of the Fortune Global 500, alongside customers that have relied on TSMC since they were start-ups. TSMC made revenue of US$56.8 billion in 2021 and more than one quarter of the world’s semiconductor output value (excluding memory) came from our fabs. The more advanced a company’s chip, the more likely they are to depend on us.

This isn’t the right place to go into great technical detail. Suffice to say, our fabs are the most advanced in the world. As you can imagine, such an operation calls for engineers who find inspiration in precision and innovation.

That’s where you come in.

We’re looking for engineering graduates for our new fab in Kumamoto, Japan Advanced Semiconductor Manufacturing (JASM). In taking a job with TSMC, you’ll be making history in launching the most advanced chip-making facility in Japan and supporting the rejuvenation of the country’s semiconductor industry.

Where we are

Based in Hsinchu, Taiwan, TSMC has invested in fab operations in the US, China and Singapore and has offices across Japan, North America, Europe, China and Korea. We employ more than 60,000 staff globally.